Who we are

The Rocky Mount Square Table Business Associates is a professional business networking group that is composed of business owners and managers from around Franklin County Virginia. We have members in various fields which make a wide array of fields to refer to for various topics. We try to fill every business classification that we can.

This includes bankers, insurance agencies, construction companies, IT firms, real estate agents, venues, interior designers, financial advisors, media agencies, marketing companies and more.

Our History

The Rocky Mount Square Table Business Associates were chartered in 2010 by Larry Willard and Doug Guilliams.

The group had branched off from another local networking group after the charter members decided to take a different avenue on a business networking group with more of a focus on community involvement and have a true networking group rather than a business model.

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What we do

The group meets on a weekly basis to discuss various topics including customer service, marketing strategies, business changes, social networking, community involvement as well as passing referrals.

The group helps one another by helping each business grow and succeed by not only generating leads but by passing business referrals. We hope to help each business grow and generate more revenue by passing these referrals and sharing business strategies with one another. All referrals from within the group are warm referrals as well as some introductions if applicable.

The group is also a community involved business group. The group partakes in community events to raise awareness for our group and the businesses within the group.

We also help raise money for Stepping Stones Mission of Franklin County. Every event that we do is to raise money for a cause. We are a not for profit group and the sole purpose of our fundraising activities is to generate funds to give back to our local community.

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Why join us?

We can help you grow your business by providing support in all facets of your business. With our combined knowledge in each area and levels of expertise, we can collaborate to help answer any question(s) you may have about your business model to help it grow. Also when you join us each week, it is like having a team of sales people working for you. Each member will carry around your information to pass on referrals to their customers and friends about your business.

This also helps get your company name out into the public with our community involvement and fundraisers.

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Referrals generated

We keep track of referrals from each member so we can know and show one of the many benefits of our group. Since the inception of our group, our members have generated over $200,000 in referrals from one another. We want each member to maximize their benefit from joining our group.

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Just like any group, there must be some sort of structure. We have a board that is elected by our members each year. The board will oversee any major decisions regarding the group and handle any complaints or issues that may arise from our members.

We also have a treasurer that oversees all funds. We have a facilitator in which runs the meetings each week and ensures everything stays on task and the meetings stay within the time frame in which we meet.