What can I expect when I attend meetings?

Meetings last from 8:30am until 10:00am, tentatively

The first 15 minutes of our meetings are “open networking” which is an informal time where members and their guests can mingle with one another to learn what’s been going on during the week, catch up on the happenings, ask for individual advise, make meetings for later on, and so forth.

The next 15 minutes is usually dedicated to business group functions, referrals, revenue generated, etc. This is where we make plans for the events we hold and get all of the “paperwork” updated. This is also an “educational moment” for members. We have some sort of paper to read to help businesses on a wider spectrum.

The next bit of time is allotted for each member (and guest) to give their commercial and present themselves and give a presentation about their business. This is where you sell yourself.

The final minutes are a wrap-up. Usually a group of people meet for lunch afterwards, but it isn’t required. This is where you can talk 1-on-1 in a very informal setting about whatever.

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