Frequently Asked Questions


What is a business networking group?

A business networking group is a group of business owners and managers who meet with the intentions of generating referrals for one another. The purpose of the group is designed to help each other get new business.

The format of our group includes both structured and open forum discussion. First we discuss any business pertaining to the group and upcoming functions. Then we discuss any business ideas, suggestions, problems, etc that we may be having individually. Then one at a time, each member gets a short “commercial break” to promote his or her own business and advertise themselves. This keeps everyone familiar with what products and services each member has to offer.

How can the Rocky Mount Square Table Business Associates benefit my business?

Every member of our group is committed to helping one another grow their business through professional business referrals.

When you refer members to potential customers, you’re putting your reputation out there by saying that you trust the respected company and their quality of work.

Since our audience is already familiar with our business practice(s), they are more receptive to nominate our referrals for their needs. Most businesses find that the best and most loyal customers come from these types of high quality referrals.

Our group is structured and geared toward passing those referrals on to our fellow members. When you join our group, it’s like having a staff of 20+ sales persons working for you every day!

Who can join the Rocky Mount Square Table Business Associates?

Anyone who represents a business in any fashion. This can be business owners, managers, sales representatives, sole proprietors, etc. As long as your company does business in Franklin County, and there is not a business under your classification to prevent conflict, you may apply for membership.

However, our members are usually in the small business markets

What can I expect when I attend meetings?

Meetings last from 8:30am until 10:00am, tentatively

The first 15 minutes of our meetings are “open networking” which is an informal time where members and their guests can mingle with one another to learn what’s been going on during the week, catch up on the happenings, ask for individual advise, make meetings for later on, and so forth.

The next 15 minutes is usually dedicated to business group functions, referrals, revenue generated, etc. This is where we make plans for the events we hold and get all of the “paperwork” updated. This is also an “educational moment” for members. We have some sort of paper to read to help businesses on a wider spectrum.

The next bit of time is allotted for each member (and guest) to give their commercial and present themselves and give a presentation about their business. This is where you sell yourself.

The final minutes are a wrap-up. Usually a group of people meet for lunch afterwards, but it isn’t required. This is where you can talk 1-on-1 in a very informal setting about whatever.

How do you help the Franklin County community?

We have various events that we have throughout the year to raise money. With the funds raised, we donate this money to Stepping Stone Mission, which is the local soup kitchen in Franklin County. This helps feed our neighbors and community members.

During the holidays, we try to feed a few families as well as adopt a family at Christmas to ensure they have a magical holiday.

What is a “business classification”?

It’s the general category of your business. Examples of this are banker, IT professional, contractor, Mary Kay, insurance agent, etc.

The group allows only 1 business per classification. This allows no direct competition so all of the referrals in the group in the respected fields, go to our members. That way we can all help one another out.

When and where do you meet?

We meet every Tuesday morning at The Franklin Center, in Rocky Mount.
50 Claiborne Ave, Rocky Mt, VA 24151

How many businesses are currently in the Rocky Mount Square Table Business Associates?

Like many businesses, Covid-19 had a hard impact on the Rocky Mount Square Table Business Associates, and several of the businesses that were within our group unfortunately did not survive the closures. That caused our membership level to decline drastically.

We continued to meet throughout Covid and support one another, however it was more informal and was at various locations. In late 2022 we resumed our formal weekly meetings at The Franklin Center, and are trying to regrow our group to what it once was. As of this FAQ entry, we currently have 12 members.

What are your annual dues?

Payment can be made quarterly as $55 per quarter or semi annually at $105 per half.

Due dates are as follows:

Annual – first meeting in January

Semi annually ½ due first meeting in January and ½ due first meeting in June

Quarterly – due first meeting of Jan, April, July and October.

Grace period allowed for the entire month. Members who have not paid dues by first meeting of month following due date are assumed to have terminated membership.

One thing to note, is that nobody in our group has a paid position. All fees paid, are room fees and are paid to the Franklin Center.

Any additional funds we have are used for a year-end banquet for our members and their guest.

We accept checks and credit cards. However there will be a $5 fee added to all credit card transactions.

How do I join the Rocky Mount Square Table Business Associates?

Our group is a closed forum and is by invite only. This is to prevent conflicts with other business classifications. We also look for quality rather than quantity.

We encourage you to fill out a membership application so we may invite you to be a guest at our meeting to see if you think our group would be a fit for you and your business.

How can I ask something not listed here?

You may contact any of our members, and they can answer any question you may have.

You may also contact us through our website or Facebook page and we’ll get back to you with your answers.